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when the fans are off ... you can hear the butterflies !

front entrance
As we drove up the cart track at about 1pm, I had no idea what was in store.

The anonymous gate was closed but opened just as we got there and we went the last 50m to a small parking place.

A delightful fragrance of flowers filled the air, closely followed by a happily voiced welcome.


a large variety of local trees are here
Bagh Tola is an ecologically inspired heaven on earth for those wanting a series of game drives in Kanha based at one of the best lodges available.

We sat in the large communal dining area and supped a cold drink.

Although some 88F outside, the open sides and high roof meant that we felt cool.

I was amazed to see that butterflies of all types floated in and displayed their stunning colours.

breakfast table

restaurant at night time
Later I had a simple freshly prepared lunch and then went to the allotted bedroom for a nap after the long drive.

Very spacious, light and airy, the room has a large integral wet room with shower, loo and  basin.

Smart colonial styled furniture surrounded the four poster and included a nice work desk.

No tv or kettle, there are staff to bring you whatever you desire.

And the 12 acres at Bagh Tola are far more stimulating than any indoor activity.

glorious colours everywhere

local crafts

four poster

I spent a lot of time taking photographs. Seeing various birds and spiders in the Sal wood, I realised that the devil was in the detail

As soon as I looked up there was a myriad of new-to-me birdlife. Look out for the tunnel spider and the tree spider alarm wires.

As you wander around the lot, you note the glorious views, and if you are lucky get a glimpse of a local in traditional dress going about their business.

sunrise at BaghTola

noon sky

cocktail time


As the sun goes down, you will invited to one of the two open air meeting places with a warm fire and local amuse bouche while you sup a beer or cocktail.

We listened to famous naturalists debating the fate of the tiger and met local conservationists, all keen to hear our own naturalist
If romance is your bag, arrange to have dinner in the Sal wood overlooking the local lake.

After eating be sure to wander down to the dance area and watch the Baiga dance, but you will need to book them.

the Baiga dance area

If you are tree hugger, find the special tree assigned for the purpose!.

tiger cubs play like kittens
Of course you can safari from here, Mukki Gate is only 5 km away. Early morning and afternoon drives are available but must be booked well ahead to ensure access to Kanha.

there are loads of wildlife books in the library

Bagh Tola has a deicated electrical supply and back up generator, but don't be too surprised to find that you need a hurricane lamp. Bagh Tola sleeps 16 visitors in double rooms - there are no crowds here.

Be prepared for rural India - you must pre-book everything.

The internet is scarce and mobile phones sometimes work.
  Everyone who enjoys our wildlife will love this place - especially the butterflies...