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The Mystical Central Indian Jungles

The stately Sal & Bamboo Jungles of Central India have to be visited to experience the effect they can have on people who need relief from the cacophony of noises that assault you every where you turn in this strange, modern world.

During drives deep in Kanha’s core observers can sometimes be the only humans for miles. It is the ultimate pleasure to just sit quietly with instinctive and knowledgeable guides, just waiting for tell tale sighs that wildlife is present, or on the move.

For many being in Kanha’s remoter core areas is akin to being in a Temple, Cathedral or Mosque, because it is humbling to have the opportunity to just be there. However, do try to avoid weekends and public holidays, if you want to experience what keeps so many there for life.

PLANT A TREE on Aug 15th

photo courtesy Eck Gordon

There is no such thing as a quiet jungle, for the harmonious communication of birds, insects, reptiles and the even the whispering leaves of trees are always around to keep you company. There is no place on earth safer than the jungles, if you respect the environs and its inhabitants in return.

photo courtesy Eck Gordon
A highly respected Baiga Tribal leader & Vedraj, (medicine man), named Bakru Baiga once explained simply that Earth was our Mother, and the Trees our Fathers. If the Trees were clear-felled our Mother would suffer the harsh, drying effects of the sun.

She would become wizened and weak, and become unable to produce food for her children to eat. Her children consisted not only of humans, but also all the creatures and living organisms the creator gave this world to for sharing - in harmony.

The annual rains would arrive, but would rush across Mother’s surface because our Father’s bulk and strength was not there to slow down the winds & rains, leading the waters into Mother’s pores (root networks), depressions, (lakes) and veins (rivers).

Therefore, any nutrients Mother Earth may have received from our Father’s guidance as to where the rainwaters should flow would be speedily washed away & lost.

Since that wonderful conversation with Bakru Ji these jungles are looked from a totally different viewpoint, and with much deeper respect.

Why humanity is not more vocal, or bothered about the irrational, mindless desecration of the our planet’s natural resources is illogical, especially as without trees our natural oxygen supplies will run out. Water will also become a scarcity, so how will the children of tomorrow live and breath? We do not want the next generation to inherit an impoverished world.

To make a difference to the quality of life in the future around the 2,000 plus square kilometers of Kanha Tiger Reserve, Kanha’s Conservation Trust aims to plant as many indigenous trees and bamboo as possible, ensuring there will be a green world for both humans and animals in the years to come. This is an important part of what our NGO wishes to achieve for Central India.

Your assistance to achieve this aspect of KCT’s projects will be welcomed.