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Kanha Conservation Trust
Our reasons for establishing this NGO
Margie explains the plight of the Baiga to a group of visitors who have just watched them dancing

We have established Kanha’s Conservation Trust to be of assistance to and support of both the Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh Forest Departments by helping the Baiga & Gond Tribes to share a more inclusive life around Kanha Tiger Reserve, Phen & Bhoremdeo Wildlife Sanctuaries.

It is our goal to reverse the wrongs and indignities these indigenous peoples have faced for just too many years, and to stop them being targeted by poachers to aid and abet in the annihilation of the “keystone” specie of these jungles, the Tigers.

Our Aims:
To set up medical clinics for villagers when no such facility exists, and to organise annual health camps.

To improve their earning potential by establishing many small artisan centers for these first and second men & women of the soil, bringing their inherent artistic skills to the fore.

To encourage local village improvements & maintenance of an ecological balance with reforestation projects of indigenous trees and bamboo, outside the confines of these vital green belts. Thus negating the necessity to cause human/animal conflict inside Kanha’s core areas. This will ensure they are surrounded by the green world they all love, respect and require.

To create eco-friendly employment of true value that Baiga & Gond Tribes have an understanding of, and hopefully make successful for their own benefit, and their future security.

To raise the standard of education at village schools in these buffer zone areas from the current levels of mediocrity, by donating better facilities, equipment and providing teaching aids.

To raise awareness, or rather reiterate the importance of preserving Kanha’s green belt at a grass roots level for future generations of their people, and for the good of nation as a whole. Also to encourage elders to impart their inherent knowledge of the jungles and all aspects of the natural world to the Baiga’ and Gonds of tomorrow.

The ultimate result of our combined efforts will hopefully result in the creation of an indigenous ring tribal of protection around Kanha Tiger Reserve, Fen & Bhoremdeo Wildlife Sanctuaries, giving India’s Tigers & all the other magical, yet dependant wildlife species and flora a better chance of survival. For without the majestic Tigers our Indian jungles will simply disappear.

Note: if you participate in helping the KCT, you will be welcome to stay at Shanti Bagh, a real home form home
the founders
Margie Watts-Carter
- Managing Partner of Shanti Bagh & Founder Chair of Kanha Conservation Trust.

After resigning from Reuters Asia in 1991, Margie has been involved with rural Indian Heritage & Tribal, and Wildlife tourism, along with social work activities to relieve the medical requirements of the Baiga & Gond Tribes. She has watched, with great dismay, as Baiga & Gond Tribes progressively become further marginalized in their own world. Therefore, as matters seem to be only deteriorating for all aspects of Indian Wildlife, the Jungles that protect them and the Tribes, Margie, along with friends, decided it was high time they did something constructive to secure a future of value for the local people around Kanha Tiger Reserve. Their security has to be achieved before a collective resentment so fierce actually causes the annihilation of India’s remaining majestic Tigers, the Sal jungles, all other wildlife species and irreplaceable flora of this central region of India, forever.
Enakshi Devi Adhikari
– Joint Partner of Shanti Bagh & a Founder Member of KCT.

Enakshi Devi is the youngest daughter of Raja Saheb Kadamba Keshri Chandra Deo Deb of Bonai and his most gracious wife, late Rani Saheba, Geeta Kumari Devi. Enakshi Devi is also granddaughter of the illustrious and famous Maharani Prafulla Kumari Devi, the pre-independence Ruler of Bastar State, in Chhattisgarh. Enakshi Devi and her Mother’s association with Margie began in the early 1990’s, which developed into a very special bond of friendship. Enakshi Devi’s husband, Shankar Singh Adhikari is Vice Principle of Raj Kumar College at Raipur, and in keen to become involved in raising the education level in the local schools that KCT intends to support. Enakshi Devi contributes to several charities in both Raipur and Bonai. They have a 19-year-old gracious daughter, Kamakshi (Cherie), who is at Rani Birla College at Kolkata University. Cherie wants to come and help encourage reforestation around Kanha’s villages during her vacations. Suryaveer Singh Adhikari, their 12-year-old son, is studying at Raj Kumar College, and wants to become an Ambassador for India.
  Makbhool Ali
– Partner of Shanti Bagh & a member of KCT.

Makbhool Bhai has supported the establishment of Shanti Bagh from day one, and the whole project would never have got off the planning pages without his concentrated assistance & efforts. Due to his affable and respected personality he was elected to hold a post within the Baihai Tehsil governing body as the Congress (I) Adaksh. Makbhool Bhai has his own Transportation fleet of Inova and Qualis vehicles, employing the safest and most agreeable drivers in the area. His charming wife, Parveena and 4 children complement this very active humanitarian.