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Shanti Bagh
meaning Garden of Peace, or Peaceful Tiger.

the cottage at high noon

Shanti Bagh is a place where we care about you; the all encompassing quality of your wildlife experience; the impressions of our nation you depart with, but most importantly, where we actively and willingly extend our assistance to local communities to reverse the current trends of jungle habitat destruction, the abetting of wildlife crimes, hopefully ensuring humanity will always have the privilege of standing before Nature’s most perfect form……The Royal Bengal Tiger.

We have established Shanti Bagh to provide existing friends & supporters of Kanha with a more intimate refuge in the jungles surrounding Kanha Tiger Reserve. The ambience of a destination in the jungle, we feel, should be one of serenity & calm. A place where like-minded individuals can relax from the stresses & strains of their hectic life styles in surroundings that calm and rejuvenate, while still offering excitement and occasions to enjoy the company of old & new friends in an exclusive, well-facilitated, but natural environment.

Our Location: We are located in a beautiful, peaceful site a mere 8 kms/20 mins from the Mukki gate of Kanha Tiger Reserve. Our nearest towns for simple shopping, postal & bus services are Baihar & Malajkhund. Roads leading to this area come in from all the major towns with either railheads or airports, such as Raipur, Gondia, Jabalpur, Bandhavgarh & Nagpur

our local wildlife watering hole - a short walk from the cottage.

Our Accommodation: We offer accommodation comprising of 2 cottages to our special clientele during this inaugural season. One of the rooms is located around the Dining cum Lounge area, while the other cottage is close by in the 5.8 - acre landscape of Sal & mixed deciduous jungle. Natural pathways to the main area of general relaxation link both cottages.

The cottage exteriors have been designed to reflect the beauty of the original architectural style of this region, while the interiors offer facilities that even the most discerning of traveler would desire for their comfort and satisfaction. The bedrooms are spacious & well ventilated, with comfortable beds and more. The adjoining western style bathrooms have added essential facilities & appliances that will hopefully make the newly arrived visitor smile with relief & happiness. Wide verandas and cozy seating provides ideal locations for privacy and relaxation.

it is hot out there - time for a refreshing tea

Services & Facilities: Our friendly staff comprises of service & room staffs, drivers and guides – all of whom are dedicated to ensuring our guests not only leave content with their wildlife vacation & experiences, but also are well informed. Our 16-year relationship with the people of Kanha has rewarded us with the friendship of the local community’s knowledgeable & fascinating of souls.

Escorted walks in the local jungles can be arranged, as can visits to local weekly Tribal markets. Both ladies & Gents Massage therapy is also available on request for relaxation, especially those finding our jungle rides a new experience. It is also intended to offer interested individuals gentle introductions to the ancient well-being practices of Yoga.

a Peepal tree - check the Gond at the bottom
Park Safari Excursions:
Kanha’s core areas can be enjoyed both during the mornings and evenings. A picnic breakfast accompanies each jeep for the early morning safari, ensuring maximum opportunities are available for wildlife encounters, of all types, that both exhilarate and satisfy the visitor’s desires of their visit to Kanha Tiger Reserve. We are not, however, in a position to guarantee that Tigers will be sighted on, or from the labyrinth of Kanha’s roads - the pressure on this most majestic animal is already too great for all to bear. We do though assure visitors that the naturalists/drivers & park guides who escort our special clientele on park safaris are the most experienced it has been our privilege of working with, and for so long.
Sher Darshan gives visitors the chance to get near to Tigers, offering great opportunities for close-up photography. The term literally means ‘an audience with a tiger’.

However, the Mahouts and their elephant’s main duties are to scour the jungle floor for evidence of wildlife crimes, in all their vile guises. When these remarkable men of the jungle do locate the regal Tigers, and are permitted to share these meetings with visitors, we suggest that you mount these gentle pachyderms at least once during your stay. Hopefully you will be lucky enough to meet the main reason we are all here on the jungle tracks of this beautiful park.

dusk - it was 40deg C today !

NB: Even in the excitement of the moment, please do not encourage the Mahouts, (Mahavats), to invade the fine line between observation & intrusion of the Tiger’s, or any other animals personal space, with the promise of larger than necessary tips. Kanha Tiger Reserve is not a zoo nor a circus, but a place where you are a privileged spectator. This new habit may well be the cause of territorial desertion, and is counter-productive to all the conservation efforts of the park authorities and their dedicated men of the jungle.

The main reason for Shanti Bagh being established is to provide sustainability to Kanha’s Conservation Trust, while offering visitors to Kanha a natural ambience from which to explore Kanha Tiger Reserve and its bounty.
NB: Ten (10)% of each visitor’s remittance for Jungle Plan packages is immediately transferred to the foundation’s bank account.
We thank you for your support and hope you will help us to assist our foundation to make a positive difference for the Tribes, the wildlife and for the ecology around Kanha’s Buffer zone.

This whole new concept of making a very different style of tourism work for the people of the region has been formulated and established by Margie Watts-Carter and Enakshi Devi Adhikari, who, along with many friends and supporters, plan and execute a variety of activities with individual tribal villages to restore the ecology of Kanha’s buffer zone.

The main focus is to revive the green world they all love and require, along with resurrecting feelings of self-worth to restore the dignity of these original Central Indian tribes - namely the Bhumia Baiga and Gonds. These tribes have shared their lives with central India’s wildlife for centuries and could have a positive impact on helping in protecting the Tigers and the quality of the future. Ultimately the desired outcome of these efforts is to eventually create an impenetrable indigenous ring of human protection around the periphery of Kanha to minimise any opportunities vile poachers may attempt to harm the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers and other equally important wildlife therein.

Three environmentally sympathetic and comfortable double guest rooms will be offered to friends and supporters who would like to participate in the variety of projects that have been planned in consultation with the individual tribe’s elders.