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Travel data to visit the Baiga
when to come Dec-Jan It will be cold, bring LOTS of layers
  Feb-Mar It's spring with cold mornings
  Apr-May Dried environment sometimes means you see more
  Jun-Sep very hot or very wet or both - Kanha is closed
  Oct-Nov post monsoon is lush again bring layers
nearby gully in April 2009 during the monsoon later in the year
getting here
You need to arrive in one of these major destinations Bangalore
New Delhi
Daily flights to Nagpur come in from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta & Hydrabad. Raipur attracts flights from Delhi, Bombay & Kolkata, and has two roads leading to Kanha. (Raipur - Mukkii via Birsa 4hrs & Raipur – Mukki via Chilpi/Supkhar 5½ hrs).

Jabalpur now has several flights a week from Delhi, and private jets can also be chartered to land at Gondia, a mere 3 hours from Kanha.

NB: Small planes can land at either Gondia, or at Malajkhund, only 30 minutes away!
Both, however, strictly require prior permission to be given by the airport authorities at Gondia, and from the Collector & Superintendent of Police of Balaghat District Headquarter
getting here
within India
You can travel by train or pre-booked car from these relatively local cities

Trains/cars are about 3-6 hours
By Train Daily trains can be boarded from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Pune + Hydrabad terminating at Raipur, Nagpur, Jabalpur or Gondia
By Road The major towns/cities nearest to Kanha are Kawardha (85kms /2.5 hrs) Raipur (215kms / 4.5 hrs), Bilaspur (220 kms / 5 hrs), Nagpur (250kms / 5.5 hrs), Jabalpur (180kms / 4 hrs) and Gondia (110kms / 3hrs).
Transportation to / from Kanha National Park
Should our guests require to be collected and/or dropped, please be advised that we are able to arrange AC/Non AC vehicle hire at sensible rates.
A few of our roads in MP are yet be fully upgraded, so for comfort we only choose high-wheel based vehicles, such as Innova, Tavera or Qualis.
The chosen drivers have been hand picked to avoid the raising of blood pressure levels, and the vehicles are fitted with iceboxes for cooled refreshments.
Please note that it is essential to submit any request for transportation at least 4 weeks in advance of the dates of arrival and departure, or preferably at the time of bookings made for accommodation.
Try To Avoid The Rush
For your own enjoyment of Kanha Tiger Reserve, please do try to avoid visiting Kanha over weekends or during major school holiday periods.
Also it is strongly advised that visitors do not travel on the roads to Kanha the day before, or even 2 days after the festival of HOLI (usually in March). This festival has become a little boisterous, and is better enjoyed within the confines of your chosen destination.
Also please note that Kanha Tiger Reserve is closed on the day of the Holi celebrations, the only day in their 9-month season.

before you leave passport should be current with more than 6 months left to run
  visa REQUIRED - can be requested on line but you still have to mail your passport

Nobody brings enough, change what you need at the airport, thereafter it can be tricky and you NEED lots of Rupees

There are limited facilities to change traveler's cheques in Kanha.
Credit Cards are not accepted.
You can change major currencies in Jabalpur, Nagpurand and Raipur all at least a 6 hour round trip away at an approximate cost of £120

what to bring Many visitors arrive in this remote jungle environment poorly equipped to suit the requirements of wildlife observation.

Most are not too happy they do not have what they require.

Therefore, to minimize any inconvenience, we suggest the following items are added to visitors' check list:

For observing wildlife it is advised that muted colours be chosen for clothing.

Bright colours can startle animals, birds and other creatures leaving the observer with nothing to view but wonderful trees & grasses - not what you came for!

adequate film/chips
spare batteries
re-charger lead & Indian adapter
a good read or TWO !
bird/mammal books
long cotton scarves to keep out the dust in summer
effective sun screen lotion
hat that covers the neck area,
(our central Indian sun is incredibly strong & often under estimated, even in winter).
small torch with spare batteries
a small first aid kit
personal medicine
malaria pills
spare spectacles
a sense of humour


Winter months, (Nov. end to mid Feb.), in Kanha can be surprisingly cool, (- 2degC is the coldest recorded), therefore suitable layers of warm clothing is required, including jackets, woolly hats, scarves, gloves & warm socks for the early morning park safaris & evenings around our camp fires. Daytime temperatures are warmer at 25C; so include appropriate lighter apparel. October, early November, late March through to June the weather conditions warm up considerably, necessitating comfortable lightweight clothing, but do include a sweater and a light rainproof jacket, with a hood, as the early mornings can still be cool, and cloudbursts have been known to arrive unexpectedly! Socks and sensible shoes can also come in handy.

Winters in Kanha are extremely cold, so you do need layers of clothes to keep out the biting cold at 5am and in during the evening rides.


India uses 240Vac 50Hz
This means most Europeans will be able to use their existing chargers etc
Visitors from 110Vac countries (like USA) will require a stepdown transformer
India still uses the old UK style 5A and 15A round pin plugs
If you are stopping in a major city, adapters are very cheap here
2 pin plugs (eg Shuco) with thin pins can work but the larger pin type are much better